Bringing up self-confidence by means of photography

Bringing up self-confidence by means of photography

Is it true that photography can become therapy? Help us master ourselves, understand our feelings and our body language. How does a photographer give us an opportunity to find the exact image we are looking for and dream of, and gain harmony with our inner selves? There were examples when photo became means of therapy, rehab, or even cure!

Photography’s main advantage is that, much like a psychologist, it stimulates us to share our feelings, describe some episodes from our past, so that we could relax and open our soul to the artist. Apart from beautiful shots, this process gives the person possibility to clarify important things about life and in a certain way even cure him/herself. Not everyone can make us open our inner world or share our most intimate thoughts.

It often happens, that when we hear that “Smile!”, we feel even more tense instead. We are afraid to see, that on that picture we will look different from the way we see ourselves, even if the photographer convinces us, that the shot is perfect. Why does it happen that way? How can we merge photography and psychology? Let us travel within ourselves!

Psychologists say, that an average person really likes only 7-9 photos of himself throughout all his/her life. A couple of them are usually from childhood. In many pictures we seem unnatural to ourselves, not the way we actually look. We usually get that awkward feeling even before we see the photo, during the shooting. So why can’t we relax?

The explanation to that phenomenon goes back to history: phen photography appeared, poorly educated people were considering this process a real torture for the model. They believed every other shot was stealing their energy and strength. Years have passed since then, but many still believe, that photography has power to bring both joy and grief to the life of the model.

If you’re less superstitious then that – photography can become a trigger and awaken your reall emotions and needs. A professional can bring hidden parts of your personality under a spotlight. Some of us actually avoid facing those parts, but photography can help us make this meeting more conscious and change our point of view or opinion of ourselves, re-evaluate our past and present, find new ways of solving problems, achieve another level of thinking. Therefore, photography can be considered a therapeutic process, that helps us see ourselves from both outside and inside.

Comparing ourselves to our pictures, we sometimes feel so unconfident, looking weird, uglier or worse, than in real life. But the truth is – these feelings are signals of what we are afraid of. Like loneliness, or, vice verca, new people in our life. Once we learn to love that image on a piece of paper, we will improve our self-confidence too. When a photographer asks you to smile – he first of all wants you to smile to yourself and become happy from accepting who you are. Looking at those pictures after years, looking at your pose, gestures, face expression you’ll be able to re-visit the moments of happiness and fall in love with ourselves again and again.

Photographers invent all there is to help us relax during the shoot: tell us jokes, take shots when we aren’t aware or start taking shots of everything around just to distract us.An experienced photographer, just like an experienced psychologist, can find a key to our soul and create that very special atmosphere of absolute trust. You won’t be protecting or closing yourself, so your emotions will flow, creating a perfect shot.