Recognize ourselves in our old pictures

Recognize ourselves in our old pictures

Why are we always so breath taken by old photos, even when we see complete strangers in them? If you have old albums with plenty of black and white pictures at home – I bet you occasionally open them, curiously staring at faces of people that might be already gone long ago. Their faces, outfits, accessories… We try to associate ourselves with that timeб which helps us to open something new, intimate about ourselves.

The charm of old photos is about these journeys into people’s lives and worlds of the past times. These visual biographies sometimes remind us of our own stories and emotions, guiding us to hidden desires and feelings. Helping us to understand our needs and dreams.

Also, older things are often accepted as vintage, more beautiful and meaningful. Photos are not the exception. Like old wine, which gets even more expensive with age – old photos also gain that special charm. We feel special respect for old things, in spite of the fact that they used to be a usual part of everyday life – imperfect, primitive. Modern photography has so much more fantasy, technical features, artistic twists – so why old photos are so much more appreciated?

Could it be, that those nostalgic moments are stronger, when we go through difficult moments? Protecting us from the unpredictable world? Unlike the past, where all is known to us? If you tend to idealize the past, you might be unconsciously dissatisfied with your present, regretting any lost opportunities.

Looking at old photos we dream of how our lives could go, how different our relationships could be. In other words – we are able to create an alternative reality. We build a virtual “shelter” – cosy, safe and pleasant. As if there’s no time or death, since even through all the ages these people are still looking at us.

Sad enough, but there is no time machine. We can’t re-visit the past. But there is absolutely no problem to become a Victorian epoque person or someone from the future for a while. Unlike the past generations, we can really choose (with the help of an experienced photographer), which reality we want to model in our photos. Choose how we want to look in the pictures that our grandchildren will be looking at. Photos will live longer than ourselves. So why not get a taste of immortality by having the bravest photo session of your life? The one, that will magically connect you to your inner self, your dreams – helping you to understand what you really want from this life?

Moses Nappelbaum

Rodney Smith

Arnold Newman

Julia Margaret Cameron