More of the light – Trailer

More of the light – Trailer

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As a photographer, I feel important to remind myself, that I am not just
someone you pay to press the button on the other side of the camera. I need to see that me & my job help people to open and take a different look at themselves, from a different angle.
That is why the words you hear in this video meant that much to me.
Soon enough I’ll share a link for you to see a full video

Featuring: Victoria Manshirov and Natalie Meiri.
Directing: Elad Goldberg.
FIlmatography: Goni Zilberman.
Castings: Hila Suchoy.
Sound: Renzo Vargas.
Editing: Elad Goldberg.
Grading: Tom Barnea.
Mix: Renzo Vargas.