Everything in the world has its origins. Events, opinions, concepts, and even professions. Recently, I touched the origins of my craft. And it impressed me so much that I want to share this euphoria with you. You don’t mind, do you?

Everyone knows that photography has not always been so easily accessible to everyone. Some of us still remember the light of the red lamp and the rustling of the developer and fixer bags from the bathroom, where dad developed the films. Due to the complexity of the process, photography was a hobby that not everyone took up.

And the models, do you think it was easy? Ohhhh, no. At the dawn of the photo industry, the heroes of photographs had to sit motionless in front of an open lens for several hours! And all this for the sake of a single photograph! There was no “oh, I blinked” then. You blinked – all the work in vain.

Those were the times I thought of, when I met Edward. This amazing person stores and practices an unusual method of photography called “Ambrotype”. In the process of ambrotyping, your photo appears …… on glass! And it looks like real magic!

From all this feeling of “realness”, from the very smell of these old cameras and chemical compounds, my emotions were so overwhelming that a couple of times tears in my eyes came out!

Yes, and Edward himself turned out to be a professional and deep, interesting person, and I am immensely grateful for this unique opportunity to visit such a “time machine”.