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Victoria Manashirov - Photoartist

Hi! My name is Victoria Manashyrov and I’m a photo artist. I’m deeply in love with what I do. I wish I could tell you I’ve been doing this all my life and even my first word was “photo”. But the journey to my dream wasn’t that short and simple.

My Inspiration

Inspiration happens to us, when we most vividly and utterly feel what it's like to be alive. There's no other way to understand this spiritual substance. Like a wayward girl, it comes and goes whenever it wants.

Dissapears for days, and that falls back on you out of the blue. Inspiration is life. It can hide behind an autumn leaf, that is whirled by the wind in the air. Inspiration can catch me through a smile of a stranger that graciously ran his hand through his hair.

Inspiration can penetrate through your ears with the sound of long forgotten melody, that someone played on the radio, giving you incredible flashbacks.

Inspiration has a million ways to get to your heart. So when I feel like I'm a couple feet above the ground and I can't stop taking pictures – I know: INSPIRATION is here. With me. In me…