Inon and Victoria

Inon and Victoria

The Jewish Holiday of Purim gives us a chance to be someone else for a day. Isn’t it cool – to get an opportunity to change your style & appearance to make a short getaway from your everyday self? Whatever you do or say, whatever happens – you can find a perfect excuse by saying it wasn’t really you, right?

I find it really unfair for some adults to invest plenty of time and money into their children’s costumes and totally neglect their own participation in the festivities. When the day comes, they just put on cat ears and consider that it makes them a part of the carnival. For real? Why would you be so boring?

This year me and my husband were inspired by the dramatic love story of Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt and Guy Julius Caesar, the Roman Emperor. We did our best, we truly invested our time, creativity and money and, as a result, we instantly became the center of every party we visited, getting under the spotlight without even asking for it.

We also made a small photoshoot, that I gladly share with you.