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What is the concept of a photo shoot limited by?You are used to thinking that it is limited by the conditions of the studio or location. By what photo wallpaper I will be able to roll out of the roll behind your back. By if I bought a piano for the studio or a glittering-white bathroom. By if I found a broad-brim hat or not ...But the truth is that the concept is limited only by the flight of our imagination. And the idea in this case is of paramount importance, because without it you will have "another photo shoot" by absolutely any photographer. The best frames will be published, earn you likes, serve as an avatar, but no more. Such a photo shoot will not change you, your view of yourself, or any other emotions.I must note that making this imagination flight possible would be completely impossible if I weren't surrounded by a team of those who feel me without a single word spoken and perceive reality at the same frequencies as me. And these people are the best gift of fate I could have received. Every day they help me create magic for you without leaving the studio.Makeup, clothes, lights, decorations, hairstyles - all this is created by people who were able to SEE our fantasy with you ... And turn it into magic. thank you