My studio is my castle

My studio is my castle

My studio is my castle. It is a reflection of me and my inner world. I can’t feel at home if there is no comfort in my studio. Therefore, every little thing is important in it. From the smell that the candle makes and the music that sounds during the photo shoot, to the taste of tea and the level of tinting of opaque glasses, it creates a warmth of lighting.

This comfort is also important so that a person who comes to the studio can completely “let go” of himself/herself and, having tuned in to the “frequency” of my soul, enter into a dance that only we understand, where our energies will merge into one aura. Where a person can not only get rid of the fettering clothes, but also get naked emotionally.

Only in that case you’ll really gasp, when you see the result of your photo shoot. And if you could secretly peek at what happens during such “special” photo shoots, you would see something like what we tried to show in this video.