Unique Photography Productions

Unique Photography Productions

This will be the place for my non-profit projects, where I'm looking for new ways to express myself. Having these projects is very important to me. They bring the inspiration I later on use in my regular shoots.

I appreciate every customer and always try to make our cooperation a unique experience. But if someday my life turned into a monotonous stream of customers, discussions of the next photo session, routine in the studio and subsequent picture processing, I would not have lasted long in this profession.

For me photography is a constant search for new ways of self-expression. There are a million and one ways to tell you through photography what a human being is feeling. I try very hard to find them all. But I really hope that I never will, so that this search would always continue.

Many attorneys do pro bono projects in addition to their regular jobs to hone their skills. On this page of the site, I collect my projects that I do not for earning money, but in search of self-expression. Those projects through which I try to show all the shapes and forms of myself. Here I share with you the most intimate parts of me.

Want to have a look? 🙂